Website Design

You are almost certainly sitting on untapped profits in your business!

All Savvy Business people understand how important it is to have a successful website – but the performance of most business websites is very disappointing.

A great looking and easy to navigate website is just the tip of a very big iceberg.

Fortunately, the keys to success are straight forward to implement at the very beginning – providing you know what they are.

Your website is (potentially) an incredibly powerful Business Generating Machine.

We’d like to help you get amazing results from your website, so to help you we have created a number of business specific reports packed full of tips and tricks to help you understand the full potential of your website.

Web design must start with this marketing focus in mind – it’s purpose is to convert visitors or ‘prospects’ (potential customers) into ‘leads’ or ‘sales’ and enable easy follow ups and repeat business.

Great looking design is a part of that – but constructing your website so that it does the job you want is also about creating the marketing process that your website will deliver – then incorporating that into the design and performance of the website.

At CLM we are not just web techs, we are web marketing professionals.

Your website’s ultimate success is our goal and we will use our extensive marketing knowledge to create a website design that delivers marketing success – for the same competitive price you would pay for more ‘traditional’ web site design! The following are the key areas for you to focus on, which our report will help you understand and apply when developing your website.

  • Decide what the purpose of your website is.
  • Remember that your website should not be about you.
  • Give People Free Material.
  • Get your Customers and Prospects’ Email Addresses – and then use them.
  • Automate your Emails with Auto responders.
  • Use Video on your website
  • Become obsessed with split-testing