SEO Services

So you have built the ultimate website for your business or organisation and you are ready to handle all those thousands of leads and orders that are going to come your way. Like most website owners you may be soon disappointed at the speed things are happening (or more likely not happening) and wonder what you need to do next.
Your customers need to be able to find your amazing website amongst all those other websites that could come up when your customers search for the product or service that you offer.

The question is can they find you?

If you are on Page 1 of the search results you will get a share of approximately 90% of all searches done on the internet. The top 3 places receive almost 60% of all customer clicks.
Discover how to get to the top of the search results the easy way and then dominate your market online!

That’s SEO!

But we are not in business to simply take your money on a wing and prayer. Instead we Guarantee that if you qualify for our programme and we take on the job of SEO for your best keywords in your location, we will get you to page 1 or give you your money back!

Imagine what online domination would mean to your business……

Here’s an example from our experience;

Take a service that sells for £60.
If there are 10000 people searching for that every month and you are getting 10% of the clicks
(average for positon 3 – check it out below)

That’s 1000 visitors to your website.

You convert 10% of these to customers – that’s 100 new customers you didn’t have before.

That’s £6000 in new revenue.

And it keeps on going like that every month you are in position!

That’s the power of online market domination and SEO is just one way we can help you to get that.

You can also use several other methods, which we can help you with in addition to SEO to get visitors to your website and once there to increase the amount of customers. Click to get your free website ranking report and if you work with us we will help you to design your online market domination strategy.

Whats this SEO thing?

SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimization is an activity or a service that helps the website to be more visible in the phrase that is searched for in the search engines from your user – clients. For example, a website that sells light bulbs would like to appear first in the search results by the customer on the phrase „light bulb”. Our team will make sure that a particular phrase will appear as high as possible in the results! We have the right software, knowledge and experience to achieve your goal.